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Current A&M Tight End Wants To Leave Aggies To Join Quinn Ewers At Texas

That’s what we in the biz call the Quinn Ewers effect. Where Quinn goes, people follow. So, no surprise Aggie TE, Blake Smith, now wants to get the hell out of College Station and convince anyone who will listen to join him. I mean if I were 6’5”, 250lb with good speed and even better hands I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Aggieville either. After all, it’s a disgustingly pathetic place.

So I feel for Blake here. No doubt if I’m standing in Blake’s cleats I too would want to jump ship to beautiful Austin, TX and catch touchdowns from the No. 1 recruit in the Nation the first chance I got. Wouldn’t you?



    • The longhorns are so week. College Station is a great place and the Aggie traditions will never be understood by a teasip. Let’s get for real longhorns, what are y’all known for as far as traditions go? Snobs, the worst fans in the country. The sec is gonna chew you up. 2013 when the ags beat Alabama, there fans were awesome to the Aggie fans. All the respect to Alabama for showing what real sportsmanship is about, roll tide and beat the hell outta tu. Y’all will get a taste of what the sec is all about when Sabin comes to town. Arch is a young kid and a great player but in the sec he’s just another QB and he is not going to save y’all from being exposed for what y’all are, a average at best team. Worry about the big twelve and grow up tu and quit running your mouth because the team you have can’t back it up.

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