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Sam Ehlinger Says He Cried When The LSU Game Got Canceled

That makes two of us, Sam!

Now, I’m sure the haters will call both me and Sam soft. Give the stereotypical “men don’t cry” response. But honestly, it’s quite the opposite. Because only true men work so hard and care so much about something that they’re willing to allow themselves to shed a tear when it’s taken away from them.

And we all knew what was going to go down in Baton Rouge if we lined up again. I mean last season Sam went off against LSU for 401 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs — making him the first QB with 400 passing yards in a game against LSU since 2011. You can only imagine what he was going to do to them his senior year. So, duh, of course he cried when the game was canceled! I cried! You cried! We all fucking cried!


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