Houston Texans

If You Don’t Think Deshaun Watson Is Worth $177.54 Milly This Blog Will Change Your Mind

So Deshaun just got PAID. And it was about damn time! Obviously it was a no brainer to lock him up long term. There’s not a better QB1 in the world to build your franchise around.

Since the birth of the Texans franchise in 1999, we’ve never had a franchise QB1. I mean think about the QB1 journey we’ve had to go on to finally get our guy: David Carr, Matt Schaub, Brandon Weeden, T. J. Yates, Tom Savage, Ryan Mallet, Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, SAGE ROSENFELS. Damn that’s a depressing list. Bottom line, it has been a long fucking time coming.

And for the haters that don’t think Deshaun’s worth the money, please see below: