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So the NBA and every media outlet is running with the story that Daniel House, a married man, snuck a female COVID testing employee into his hotel room and took her to pound town. But here’s the problem with that story….IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE AND HAS NOW COST DANUEL HOUSE HIS FAMILY AND THE ROCKETS CHANCE AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Now, how do I know these rumors are not true? Simple — BECAUSE THE EMPLOYEE SAID SO HERSELF!


How the fuck can the NBA continue to suspend House and smear his name through the mud when they don’t have shit on him! The guy has been grinding his ass off in the bubble in order to provide for his family and now when he leaves the bubble he will have no family to come home to:

The only possible evidence the NBA even has on House is that he MAY have had his hotel door open around the same time this employee — who has NEVER mentioned House and has only mentioned Tyson Chandler — was at the Rockets hotel. That is apparently enough evidence for the NBA to suspend a key player averaging 11.4 points and 5.8 rebounds a game for a pivotal game 3 and 4 of a playoff series.

Is there anyone on the planet who believes that if “circumstantial evidence” pointed to LeBron or AD, that the league wouldn’t either A) reach a conclusion in an expedient manner, or B) pause the series until it could? There’s absolutely no way that it would drag out indefinitely. There is one reason and one reason only the NBA is doing this — LEBRON. They know House plays, Lakes lose. Which in turn means the NBA loses. Why? Because Lebron winning = NBA making money. So now the NBA is grapsing at straws and ruining families just to help line their pockets. Sad. Pathetic. But unfortunately not surprising.



  • article title should be “danuel house is ruining danuel house’s marriage and breaking up his family by cheating on his wife with a covid tester”

    • People can not possibly be so naïve to think that the NBA, which has a millions of dollars and a possible championship at stake is basing this decision solely off ‘door data.’ They don’t tell the public EVERYTHING! Trust and believe they have hidden camera’s within the bubble. Folks please use critical thinking! And his WIFE KNOWS this. She isn’t going to tear up her marriage over some stupid ‘door data’! Get a clue!!

      By Anthony CottonJanuary 29, 1987

      this has happened to rockets before that is Washington Post!!!!!!

  • what series have you been watchin did you not see house in game 1 bro and of course the lady said she didnt do anything who wants to be fired or put in middle of a scandal bro you truly are grasping for straws with this article thinking house puts the rockets over the lakers dude you know nothing about basketball

    • This comment is idiotic and you people are sore losers; so acording to your twisted argument, because Houston won the first game, they were the heavy favorites to win the series? Get over it, Hoston could never Bron and Davis in a 7 game series!!!

  • This article is so biased, definitely a LeBron hater. I hope this article makes you feel better in life. Daniel House, a married man, potentially jeopardised the Rockets bubble by sneaking a female into his hotel room who happens to be a Covid tester. NBA does not allow testing to be done in private incase they tamper with the samples. Not everything links to LeBron.

  • This is pathetic. Are YOU there in Orlando, investigating the situation? Do YOU know what the league has on the matter? It wouldn’t be outrageous to think that the woman would lie to protect him. And to blame this on the Lakers? HOUSE? Give me a break. Yeah, they’re going to target the 7th man in the rotation. Hilarious.

    You really should stop crying. Houston has already mailed in the series.

  • Yo bud, I think you seriously have a severe hatred of Lebron just because he shits on your favourite team. Of course the girl would say she’s not involved, who would admit it? Are you a retard? If I punched the back of your head and say I didn’t do it once you then around, are you gonna believe me? If you do then I’ll delete this comment because it’ll seem like I’m bullying the mentally retarded. Do us and yourself a favour by never writing an article again.

  • Usually if you’re going to write a satire article you need to have a disclaimer at the end…otherwise people might take you seriously.

  • Wow. I would call you a hack journalist, but calling you a journalist would be giving you way too much credit for this steaming pile of sh$t that I just read. A) House’s presence doesn’t affect the outcome of the series either way, and B) “If” he did it, then it’s on him…not on the NBA who busted him doing some really stupid sh*t. Don’t quit your day job.

  • LOL you do know in hotel or even hotel there camera everywhere. If house is so innocent why he not speaking up. Or lawyer up? Anyway he got caught and I am sure there tape on that.

  • Bro this article is really dumb who write with all caps gtfo House ruined his own house 🏠 😤 Lakers would have blown the doors off the rockets even with house in gtfo LeBron and AD ain’t losing to anyone in this bubble with playoff Rondo and Kuz and Caruso playing well Morris Ballin we can’t be beat go Lake Show

    • Im not a Bron hater or Harden but i don’t think La is gonna win the championship and if they were trying to help bron this is not 2016 so i don’t see if that’s true or false about helping him win one it’s about money true but that team has to show up and play good every night rather is Lakers Clippers or Boston or Mia so it’s allot left to see i can’t pick anyone cause anything can happen.

  • It funny though becuase Daniel house jr has only sat out for one so far and the is 3-1. And even that one win he was there for doesn’t make sense because harden and westbrook carried the team that night. But hey I get it Houston has to have an excuse for why they are not winning. Maybe yalls fans should grow up and understand maybe it’s not the refs or the nba board, but maybe just maybe yall aren’t as good as you think you are. You have 2 star players and the rest are mediocre at best, and the tallest dude on your team is like 6’9. Maybe its fair to say for once in rockets history they are not as good as they thought. And if you wanna play with dumb logic like Daniel F****ing house then f*** it Mcgee has been hurt for a game.

  • Those of you conspiracy theorists thinking this is the NBA or somehow the Lakers need to come back to reality.

    The NBA initially used door data (easiest quickly accessible information) to narrow the breach down to a couple of players after security notified them of a person without proper clearance entering the hotel area.

    The NBA then interviewed the players that could have potentially entertained this guest, giving them the opportunity to come clean knowing that there are multiple video cameras in every corridor of the hotel for security purposes.

    The NBA then went through the video footage 100% confirming that the only room this virus testing technician went in was Danuel House Jr. and they were alone in the room for almost 3 hours.

    No one ratted on House Jr. The NBA didn’t manufacture his guilt. Someone broke security protocols and the NBA determined he was the guilty party. It’s up to you to determine what they were doing in the hotel room for 3 hours… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t playing board games.

  • The author of this article sounds like a typical “fan boy”. Give me a break with all your whining . Of course he did it and her. Not only do you get booted from your team, but now you have to go home and face your wife….good luck with that. AND…..now everyone knows your business. Can you say SELFISH IDIOT?

  • This article is not only blasphemous. It is also not professionally put together. You have Zero chance of ever making this a validated career path for yourself. You’re a pathetic writer who not only through the kitchen sink at it. You also have a simple mind. This never allowing you to comprehend that Daniel House is an irresponsible, and ignorant human being. Never use profanity in an article amateur. Makes you look foolish and ignorant. Unless you don’t care about being both of those things. Go ahead and join Skip Bayless.

  • ..”House plays=Lakes lose”. Author hallucinating..how the hell they be down 3-1 if House can win games and series for Houston..it may have ground if Lakers are down 1-3 .. Stop implicating Lebron.. he and his guys screw up the NBA bubble rules..now face consequences..byeee Rockets.. Harden and Wesbrick the choke artists..lol

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