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Chris Del Conte Called A Booster Last Week Asking For Money To Buyout Herman And Confirmed He Had Urban Meyer’s Verbal Commitment

Tom Herman responds to report that pins him as the tipster who set the  investigation at Ohio State into motion

Look, I am not giving you my source. That source being the booster. So, I get it. You may not believe me, say I am trolling, etc, but I promise you that is not the case. Del Conte 100% called this specific booster, asked for $1 million to help with the buyout and told said booster he had a verbal commitment from Urban to be the Longhorn’s next head football coach. Facts. And for the record, this booster said he would be willing to give the $1 million.

Now personally, I don’t want Urban in burnt orange. I’ve said it a million times, Urban winning Texas a Championship would feel cheap. The beauty of winning a National Championship after a drought is the long, hard struggle it took to get back to the top. So buying a Ship will just never sit right with me. Plus, Urban will never be “our” guy. We’d be his sloppy 3rds behind Florida and Ohio State. No thanks.

Now, as to this nugget KD dropped today which caused a complete shit storm on twitter:

He’s right. There is a huge strain in the Herman/CDC relationship. Which obviously stems from CDC wanting to fire his ass and hire Urban. And really, there’s no way their relationship can come back from that. It’s definitely a “can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube” type of situation. Except if you do one thing and one thing only — WIN.

And to Herman’s credit, he won Saturday. Don’t tell me this doesn’t look like a guy who knows he’s a loss away from being canned:

Bottom line — one more loss and Herman is gone after the season. He knows. I know it. CDC knows it. And you should know it too.



  • I don’t understand why you would think hiring a great coach with an amazing record would be buying a championship.

  • Coach Meyer has a contract with his Family, which I doubt very much he’ll break, especially considering his brain tumor.
    Good luck Longhorns!

  • Can they just change a few words in “the eyes of texas” to something like the heart of texas surrounds you all the live long day. The heart of texas will…. etc…

  • This dude isn’t even I know its hullshit cause cdc only asked for a million dollars huh???.ill believe it when I see it.

    • Exactly I live in Ohio and we laugh about the Urban stuff. The dude is a walking legend in Ohio. It would be like Coach Royal leaving for the Ohio State job.
      1. Urban doesn’t need the money
      2. Zero attachment to Texas or UT
      3. Why – Nothing to Gain

      I get it he’s a Great Coach but he’s done Coaching. He’s in a great spot he’s still involved at Ohio State and is basically the proud Grandpa of his baby Ohio State Football

  • Saying we’d be Urban’s sloppy 3rds is like saying Alabama is Saban’s sloppy thirds…. doesn’t hold water.

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