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Is This Why Chris Del Conte Wants Tom Herman Gone?


When the No. 1 QB1 recruit in the world decommitted from Texas — seemingly out of nowhere — it was obviously a giant “what the hell is going on with our fucking football program” moment. But the fact that the reason we may have lost Ewers was because Herman decided to make some cheap jokes at his expense and it got back to him is as bad as it gets — and if true, a potentially fireable offense. So, you add a shitty record and Urban Meyer confirming he wants to be our next head coach, no doubt Herman’s time at Texas is ticking.


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  • First of all you lame brains! You are wishing for something that will never happen! Ever happen! Urban Meyer never promised or for that matter confirmed any such thing of going to the University of Texas. Playing out in simple the man is retired because of physical disabilities that will not let him be on the football field. And until he says so publicly rumors are rumors. Get over it. Del Conte’s job is more on the line than Herman’s. Ewers walked away because he will not be the starting quarterback when he comes to Texas he will be redshirted. His father said if he can’t be the starting quarterback the minute he walks on the field he is leaving. Not because of some made up joke. Which is making you look like the biggest joke of all. Sorry to break your little heart but the truth hurts 90% of the time. Peace out!!

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