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Clowney Addresses The Trade Rumors Via His…XBOX?

ESPN and all of Houston media have been reporting a mix bag of stories and rumors when it comes to Clowney’s whereabouts and the uniform he’ll be in next season. Just running with these stories like they came from Clowney himself. Well, I can officially confirm they are all wrong.

How do I know this? Clowney said so himself.

This dude WhatTheFox11 on reddit the last two weeks has been updating Texans reddit with inside information in regard to all things Clowney. He’s obtained this information by he and his buddies playing against Clowney in fucking Xbox. So far, everything “reported” by WhatTheFox11 has been spot on. And today, with the trade rumors swirling, WhatTheFox11 aka the Adam Shefter of Reddit, dropped some truth:

My friends and I play Xbox with Clowney, he’s a really cool dude and very down to earth. Anyway, he told us weeks ago that Bill O’Brien was being a dick to him for missing training camp and said he’s trying to trade him to MIA or WASH for picks (3rd rd), which would be little more than the compensatory picks we would receive next year. JD then told OB and told MIA’s GM over the phone that he wouldn’t sign tag if that’s the case. Shortly after, he fired his agent and hasn’t talked to anyone on the Texans in over a week. 

Then on Monday it came out that he reposted on IG a Redskins fan’s JD highlight video with the a title like “go get him now”, so we asked him and he said “hell no, just liked the video” 

The situation as it stands: JD wants to play for the Texans, and if not then he wants to go to a contender. That’s is known. What’s not reported is that he talked to SEA but they won’t spend the capital, and he talked to eagles but they didn’t offer more than a swing tackle (rugby guy). Now he’s scared to sign his tender because OB will trade him away to MIA/WAS where he refuses to play/resign. This all would be avoided if OB would just say that he wants to keep JD or sign him next year, but he’s always had it out for him and this situation put him over the edge. Gaine wanted to sign him in offseason but OB got in the way.  Cal McNair needs to step in and assure Clowney he’s safe to stay so we can move past this and into the season, but he isn’t going to do that because he’s basically given OB full control of the team. O’Brien is playing dumb when he says to media he doesn’t know anything and is not in control. He is the control, and his ego is in the way of getting this settled.

So, there it is. Can you handle the truth?

The only question now is, what game are they playing on Xbox?


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