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Joe Buck Is Smarter Than The MLB And Every Yankee Fan When It Comes To Sign Stealing

Look, I’m on the record admitting that the Astros were probably operating in a grey area back in 2017. That the Stros exhausted all resources to try and gain leverage as to what balls would be coming down the pipe on every single pitch. And is that at its core sign stealing? Simple answer, yes.

But Joe Buck is right — what team wasn’t doing it?

Because in every sport that’s ever been played in the history of sports there’s been grey areas in the game. Where competitive and cheating lines get blurred. Whether that’s deflating footballs, deer antler steroids, pine tar, or stealing pitching signs. And if you don’t think EVERY SINGLE TEAM in professional sports is living in those blurred lines day in and day out, then you’re just as dumb as the MLB and these Yankee internet sleuths.

So, make no mistake about it, there’s not a single team in the MLB who has not been trying to gain a competitive advantage by stealing signs. I know it, you know it and Joe Buck knows it.

And honestly, if your team wasn’t looking through old game footage and seeing how each individual pitcher tips their pitches, then taking that knowledge into the game and using it against them, well, then they simply just don’t care about winning and being champions. Fact.