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Luka Doncic Apparently Got Fat In Quarantine? His Trainer Says “He Is Not In The Best Shape” As The Mavs Prepare To Make Their Title Run

Is Luka fat? (And other dumb questions) (Locked On Mavericks ...

Luka and the rest of the NBA have not played a basketball game since March 11th when this went down:

Since that time, Doncic returned to his home in Slovenia, to do whatever a 21-year-old multimillionaire All-Star NBA player does in Solvenia during a global pandemic. Which I guess is similar to what everyone else in the world does — eat, sleep, drink, eat more, Netflix, drink more, play video games, repeat.

Doncic’s trainer, Jure Drasklar, giving an update on Doncic’s shape and preparation for the Mavericks’ playoff push in a recent interview with RIA Novosti, a Russian news source, had this to say:

“He is not in the best shape” Drasklar said.

Yikes! Not an ideal quote from the trainer of the Mavs superstar.

But don’t give up hope just yet Mavs fans. Because while the NBA hasn’t announced many details about training camp timelines, the regular-season matchups will not begin until July 31st. So, there’s still time for him to get his ass in shape….or on the flip side, for him to keep eating and get a fat ass. Only time will tell.