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If The College Football Season Is Canceled Where Does Sam Ehlinger Land On The All Time UT QB1 List?

First of all, if you think Sam is coming back to Texas if this season gets canceled you’re delusional. Because as it stands now, Ehlinger’s a top 4 QB heading into the 2021 draft — which should land him in the first 3 rounds. The only other QBs you could make a case to be drafted higher would be Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and probably some rando out of North Dakota that McShay or Kiper say is the next Peyton Manning. Outside of that, it’s Ehlinger. And he ain’t coming back for a senior victory lap to risk getting injured and becoming a has-been QB1 who hasn’t played a two full seasons of football entering into the 2023 draft. Makes no sense. Too much money to leave on the table. If College Football is canceled, Sam is gone.

So, with Sam’s departure comes the obvious instant judgment AKA where does he rank among the other QB1s before him. Honestly, I think that that list is obvious.

  1. Vince Young
  2. James Street
  3. Colt McCoy
  4. Sam Ehlinger
  5. Mayor Applewhite

But I hate that for Sam. Because if it were a normal season and he plays to his potential, no doubt he’s got the chance to take the Heisman and bring home the Ship to Austin. And if that happens, he’s easily 1(a) 1(b) with VY. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like he’ll get the chance to make that a reality. Which fucking sucks. Because now there will always be a lot of “what ifs” when Ehlinger’s name is ever brought up. 2020 is just the worst.

PS: To anyone who says McCoy above Street, STREET WON A NATTY. You win a natty, you’re going to be ranked higher than non-natty QB1. That’s just how it goes.


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