Austin Longhorns

Jalen Milroe Just Decommitted From Texas And Committed To Alabama Because He’s Scared Of Quinn Ewers

Look, obviously this sucks. Jalen is fucking awesome and has the potential to be one of the best QB1s in the history of college football.

BUT you know who has even more potential and who will definitely be the best QB1 to ever play college football? This guy:

So good riddance to Jalen. I don’t want a QB1 who is scared of competition. A QB who doesn’t believe enough in himself to win a battle with a kid a year younger than him so he jumps ship. And that is obviously the case here. Jalen is terrified that once Quinn arrives in Austin in 2022 he’ll never be the Longhorns QB1 again. And you know what? He’s right! #TheEwersEffect


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