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Texas A&M Is Officially Scared To Play Texas

Cats out of the bag. Texas A&M is refusing to play Texas. I don’t blame them, we’ve made an embarrassment out of their program for over a hundred years. Enough is enough. I wouldn’t want to play us either. Especially with Coach Herman firing on all cylinders.

Selfishly though, I want to keep playing them. Quite simply for the sole reason I love the taste of winning, and even more so, Aggie defeat.

It’s the truth. It’s a weakness of mine. Also, a strength. It is what has got me out of bed my whole life. My PEDs. But, now knowing I won’t be able to have the sweet taste of Aggie defeat for indefinitely is a tough pill to swallow. I hate you for that, Aggies. You fuckin weirdos.


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