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Is Troy Aikman Making His Pitch To Be The Cowboys GM?

“It’s not run traditionally the way most organizations are. I think that’s to the detriment of the Cowboys. I don’t think you can look at three playoff wins in the last twenty five years and surmise that all the problems over that time have been a result of coaching. I think you have to look at the top and say, how are we doing it from the top. I think businesses do that. I think anyone worth their salt evalutes from the top down. And just simply changing the coaching, I don’t know if the results would be all that much different.”

You can look at Troy’s comments two ways. The first, is Troy just simply loves the Cowboys. After all, it’s his team. The dude won 3 Super Bowls and spent 12 years with the Cowboys. When you think Dallas Cowboys, you think Troy Aikman. You think Troy Aikman, you think Dallas Cowboys. So, if the Cowboys suck, its a reflection on Troy. And like the rest of us fans, he wants to see the Boys turn it around but is fed up with Jerry and his refusal to let go of the GM role.

Or there is option two; Troy is indirectly telling Jerry and Cowboy nation, I want the job. I want to be the GM of the Dallas Cowboys. I mean fuck, Troy previously said so himself that he’s interested in being a GM and believes he’d be good at it:

Personally, I think Troy sees what John Elway has in Denver and wants that for himself in Dallas. I don’t blame him either. Like I said earlier, he’s clearly the face of the Dallas Cowboys, even 18 years removed from his playing days. But more importantly, Troy is incredibly knowledable when it comes to the game, players and how football operations work accross the NFL. He puts that on full display every Sunday on Fox.

It’s hard not to think if Jerry were to let go of the GM reigns, Aikman would and should be the first candidate to take over as GM. Tell me who better to run the Cowboys football operations than Aikman? He sure as hell would be better than a senile, 3 playoff wins in twenty fives years, 77 year old man. Right?

PS: I also wouldn’t mind seeing this passion on the Cowboys sidelines again: