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Between 1 To Full Of Shit, How Much Do You Believe This Johnny Manziel Story?

Obviously, people will say Johnny isn’t the most credible person in the world:

What does help Johnny’s story though is he had a witness with him at the casino, i.e., Joe Hayden. BUT, no way Joe Hayden was there for the entire 8-10 hours Johnny was playing craps. Joe probably left after hour 3? Which means Johnny was most likely like alone when he won this alleged $105,000. Also, Craps isn’t an easy game to pick up. The fact Johnny says it was his FIRST time, yet he was able to make a +$102,500 profit screams from the high heavens something is awry. Just doesn’t add up. So, I am going to go ahead and give the story a 2.3/Full of Shit.

What I really want to know though is how much Johnny has lost in one night. His war stories. The bad beats. Because everyone who gambles has a good story to tell. For example, I once won $50K on Draftkings. I also once won $25K when Speith won the Masters, went to Vegas two weeks later and put it down on a parlay: Mayweather ML over Paquio and Spurs over Clippers. It hit. But the next day after getting home from Vegas, I laid for a huge parlay: Rockets (-240) and Cavs (-320). Rockets got blown out and I ended up losing about $102K. Brutal. Worst loss in my gambling career. The loss hurt more than any win felt good.

So, Johnny, lets hear your worse loss. Give us that and I’ll believe your biggest win.