Texas A&M

Aggies Offensive Lineman Jared Hocker Guarantees A Win Over Clemson

This fucking guy. What an idiot. A&M couldn’t even cover the spread against Texas State but somehow Jared thinks they’re going to stroll into Death Valley and beat Clemson?

If you watched the Texas State game, A&M’s offense did not look great. Kellen Mond didn’t even have 200 yards passing against a pathetic Texas State defense. Not to mention, Texas State’s offense turned the ball over FOUR times, constantly giving A&M the ball in great field position. Yet, A&M only managed to put up 41 points. There’s just no reason A&M shouldn’t of had at least 60 points in that game. A&M even played their starters the whole game. But somehow Jared think’s they’re going to be able to outscore the No. 1 team in the country this Saturday? Get real, Jared.

You know who also thinks Jared is an idiot? Vegas:

The Aggies being +20 has to be the biggest spread ever for a team ranked No. 12 or higher. Just absolute disrespect from Vegas. I promise you this, Vegas knows what they are doing. They’ve been taking people’s money long before Jared was born. But this dumbass Aggie somehow thinks he’s smarter than Vegas? Newsflash, he is not.

First of all, he’s a moron for even making these comments. Now he’s got a bullseye on his back when he goes up against the No. 1 defensive line in the country. But he’s also put his entire team in the spotlight by having people like me writing articles about Aggies guaranteeing a win over Clemson. There is no way Dabo doesn’t use this quote as bulletin material all week. Just a complete lack of judgement by Jared.

We’ll see how this plays out Saturday. For the record, I’m taking Clemson -20.